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Letter Chart

Regular Testing Chart

Our home eye test can include the classic eye chart, of different sizes of letters, to be identified through various strengths of lens.

This type of eye vision test may not be suitable for all patients who for one reason or another cannot name the letters, so we always bring picture cards to our eye appointments, to allow testing via images. Occasionally during the home eye test we use sets of Kay’s picture cards, which patients can hold in their own hands, then match the image shown to them. This latter method is particularly helpful for people with learning difficulties and cognitive impairment.

High Definition Picture Chart

Visioncall have developed our own high definition picture chart that helps make patients feel more at ease.

The chart is shown on a high definition 15" plasma screen and is fully controlled for brightness and contrast according to the surrounding conditions. It is programmed with a series of eye care tests which help identify many visual issues including astigmatism, muscle imbalance and ocular problems.

High Definition Picture Chart