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Care Homes - Elderly Home Care from Visioncall

Visioncall understands the need to safeguard older, more vulnerable patients who live in care homes, as their needs are different from those of other older people. The contribution that can be made by professional, specially trained and motivated eye care specialists during a care home eye test to the safety, quality of life, well-being and dignity of residents is exceptional. Visioncall's dementia-specific eye tests are tailored to each individual patient.

For example:

  • All of our staff are police checked and trained in safeguarding vulnerable people
  • People in care homes are at increased risk of falls and may be at risk of having their eyesight problems overlooked
  • 60% of elderly home care residents will fall at least once a year, half of them repeatedly
  • 14,000 people die each year in the UK as a result of osteoporotic hip fracture
  • Studies have shown that the incidence of falls can be reduced by up to 14% when the treatment of visual impairment and eyesight problems are planned for
  • NICE guidelines state that all older people undergoing falls assessment should be screened for visual impairment and have regular sight tests by an optometrist to identify any eyesight problems.

When included within the service offered to the patients of the care home, the Visioncall domiciliary visits allow our staff to:

  • Communicate to care staff and patients the importance of wearing the correct glasses
  • Advise nursing staff on ophthalmic medical issues
  • Advise on fall prevention measures.
  • Communicate with care home staff 24 hours a day using the new VC24 customer portal.
  • Provide training to care staff on improving eye care for patients

Improved sight enhances older people’s perception of the world around them, helps their confidence and boosts their ability to interact.

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