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Eyesight Problems: Cataracts

The most common cause of treatable vision loss in the United Kingdom, cataracts are largely age-related. Some 26% of cases of eye degeneration and sight loss in people over 75 are estimated to be due to cataracts, which can be successfully treated in over 90% of cases. In younger people, cataracts may be caused by diabetes or other eyesight problems.

Contrary to popular belief, cataracts are not created by skin growing over the eye: they are a clouding of the lens of the eye and form inside the eye, not on it. The symptoms:

  • Eyesight problems including poor, blurry or ‘misty’ vision
  • Being dazzled by lights such as car headlamps or sunlight
  • Colour vision becoming faded or washed out
  • Difficulty seeing in dim light conditions

It’s worth noting that gradually failing sight and eye degeneration are often disregarded and dismissed as a natural consequence of old age, and as such aren't reported.

Improving Eyesight with Cataracts

The treatment for improving eyesight with cataracts is a simple, relatively quick operation and it is usually very successful. A local anaesthetic is normally required. If spectacles are worn beforehand, they will still be required and probably with a revised prescription because the eye lens(es) will have been altered.

As you’d expect with fairly common eyesight problems, Visioncall’s optometrists are well versed in spotting the signs of eye degeneration at the earliest stages, and have all the equipment to help them do it, which means peace of mind for all concerned and better maintenance of sight, confidence, independence and quality of life for the patient.  Our optometrists are able to refer patients to their GP or hospital for cataract treatment. Improving eyesight is easy with Visioncall.



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