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All you need to know about VC24

Helping you to get setup and registered to VC24, the online service portal for Visioncall customers.

Visioncall offer VC24 to all of our partners and to give them complete control of their eye care service. Here is everything you need to know about VC24 to help you get started using the online service…

What is VC24?

VC24 is an online portal service available from Visioncall. VC24 is a community based system that allows for users to take complete control of their eye care service online, giving users 24 hour access to Visioncall’s services.

How do I get access to VC24?

As soon as you become a Visioncall partner you will be able to sign up and will be granted access to VC24. This is just one of the many additional services available to all Visioncall partners as soon as they choose to use our dementia eye care service.

How do I register for VC24?

You will be able to register online for VC24 from the moment you become a Visioncall partner. VC24 is a benefit available to anyone who uses Visioncall as their dementia eye care provider. Simply visit https://www.vision-call.co.uk/vc24/ and click ‘Login’. From here visit the ‘Register’ section located at the top of the page and enter the unique password provided to you by Visioncall. Once submitted you can change the password to something unique and memorable to you. For further assistance please click here or phone 0800 035 6316.

What services can I use through VC24?

Once registered you will be able to access the complete Visioncall service portfolio. Here you can book a sight test; ‘ask the doctor’ any eye care questions; get further eye care advice; view and print care staff materials including the eye wear reminder and lifestyle passport; log a request for 24 hour repairs; and explore partnership benefits including booking staff training and ordering dementia signage. All services are available from the moment you register. 

How long does it take to fulfil my request through VC24?

Visioncall endeavour to get back to you within two hours during normal working hours and as soon as possible outside of them. Once a request has been logged via VC24 you will receive a confirmation to your email address from Visioncall advising you of the next stage and when we will be in touch with a solution.  

Does VC24 come at an additional cost?

VC24 is a free service for all partners of Visioncall. We offer the service as an additional benefit as standard, it will not cost you any extra to have this – you simply need to be a Visioncall partner. 

I am already a Visioncall partner, can I access VC24?

Yes you can. VC24 is a service that is available to all existing and new partners of Visioncall. This is a benefit that will become immediately available to you if you are using Visioncall as your eye care provider. If you have not registered or simply wish to check please contact our team on 0845 050 1831 or email enquiries@visioncall.co.uk

If you are a Visioncall partner and wish to discuss all the free products and services available to you, please click HERE.