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Bright lights and darker nights

Your guide to winter eye care.

Bonfire Night has come and gone with a spectacular bang as always and as we head into the winter period with darker nights, it’s a perfect time to consider our eyes.

Low vision is a primary concern when you’re out and about especially in the early morning and evenings.

Whether you’re driving, walking or watching a display, stay safe and aware of your surroundings in low visibility conditions.

It’s also equally important to consider our eye health when it comes to bright lights and darker nights.

Whilst our visibility can be seriously decreased because of bright lights and darker nights, our eyes can strain when concentrating in either extreme.

We can still continue to do things and enjoy activities as we usually would, but there are ways we can protect our eyes.

If you have been prescribed glasses, try to wear them as much as possible – especially if you have an anti-glare coating.

If you’re having a bonfire or fireworks display, make sure you wear the correct eyewear if you need glasses and stand at a safe distance to protect yourself from any debris.

Make sure you handle any fireworks, wood and lighters with appropriate eye protection and gloves… Eye injuries are just as important as burn injuries!

Eye protection or correct eyewear is important to help your eyes adjust between darkness and bright lights.

If you feel your eyes are straining excessively, stinging or causing headaches while adjusting between either extreme then visit your optician for a sight test.

Remember to take care of yourself and your eyes this winter as we continue to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.