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Building new skills together
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Whether you’re a new or existing partner with Visioncall, we want you to be able to get the most out of our services and work together to further raise care standards

We offer a robust and varied service which will help your residents to see better and live better.

Giving your residents the best eye care is our priority and part of good eye care includes awareness and understanding of the importance of vision in day-to-day life.

So, we want to help care staff learn more about the importance of vision around the home.

To support our partners in facilitating daily eye care, we offer free staff training sessions centred around building skills and knowledge of important eye conditions.

Awareness and understanding of how eye conditions affect your residents enables proactive care.

Care giving can be adapted on an individual basis to ease the daily difficulties presented by the eye conditions that affect your residents.

By working together with us, your care staff can use our eye care planning documents to further improve care within the residence.

Our Lifestyle Passport is a concise document indicating a person’s visual acuity with and without glasses and includes information about any eye conditions they’re living with.

Adding the document to a person’s care plan reinforces the significance of eye care and eye health as care staff will know where to find it.

The document is designed for and best used when added to a person’s care plan to provide easy access to understanding their eye health information and eye care needs.

Once eye conditions are understood, and the benefit of glasses is established, then our Eyewear Reminder reinforces a person’s daily eye care requirements in the form of eyewear.

The Eyewear Reminder illustrates the purpose of the glasses (especially if a person has more than one pair!) and details what activities they are needed for.

It is important to raise understanding of the benefit that glasses can make to anyone who requires them, as seeing better allows an individual to live better.

Our Eyewear Reminder aims to combat the main challenge of needing glasses - remembering to wear them and which activities for.

To find out more about our person-centred approach to care planning, click here.

If you would like to benefit from building new skills together, simply make a request for staff training via our website or through your VC24 portal.