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Everything you need to know about eligibility
Checking your entitlement to NHS optical services...

Visioncall are ready to assist you and offer our services when needed, however we also want to make sure all of our patients enjoy the maximum benefit of what is available to them.

So while we will provide our services to anyone who requests, we always advise you to check if you are eligible for treatment funded by the NHS.

Here is all you need to know about eligibility…

What do I need to check my eligibility for?

Your entitlement to NHS provision can make a significant difference financially.

Knowing what avenues of funding are available to you and whether or not you will be entitled to NHS optical services is worth taking the time to find out.

Do Visioncall require I check my eligibility?

As an optician to your residence it is a requirement that we check to see how the spectacles will be funded.

To facilitate us in determining what NHS vouchers you are entitled to, we will also require any information you can provide about any benefits you are in receipt of.

How do I know if NHS entitlement applies to me?

If you are ordinarily resident in the UK, i.e. you have a permanent address within the UK, then NHS entitlement may be available to you.

I stay in Scotland, how does this effect my eligibility?

Entitlement will differ between Scotland and England, so if you reside in Scotland, you will need to check NHS Scotland entitlement criteria.

To view entitlement requirements for NHS Scotland, please click here

What if I stay in England, does this effect my eligibility?

If you live in England, you will come under NHS England for any entitlement.

To view full entitlement requirements for NHS England, please click here.

Why is there different eligibility criteria in England and Scotland?

The National Health Service (NHS) for each country within the UK all operate independently and each are politically accountable to their own government, as such they all have their own criteria for entitlement and eligibility. 

We hope that this assists you in finding out more about your entitlement to NHS optical services.

If you have any queries on any aspect of NHS entitlements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.