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Everything you need to know about Visioncall staff training

Visioncall staff training is here when you need it - here's what you need to know.

Visioncall offer eye examinations, eye health checks and eye care services to those unable to make it to a high street optical practice without assistance.

Our expertise lies within delivering person-centred dementia eye care to those living in care homes and care settings.

Above all else we are committed to achieving why we do this, which is to enable our patients to see the world a little better.

To help achieve this we have tailored our products and services to benefits our patients and customers in order to deliver the best level of eye care at all times.

This includes our staff training, which is available to every Visioncall partner and just one of the many benefits we offer with our eye care service.

Here is everything you need to know about our staff training…

What is covered during a Visioncall staff training session?

With each session all staff present will be given an overview of what and why Visioncall deliver eye care to those in care.

Using a range of techniques including sensory activities, our training aims to give all staff present a real understanding of some of the most common eye conditions found with our patients.

We will cover eye conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and cataracts. Our sessions will also show how to properly cleanse the eye and remaining alert to eye conditions for those in care.

Our training session will also go over the dementia eye test and the support available from Visioncall to deliver the best care for patients, we will also show how everything covered in the training should be implemented within a proper care cycle.

The entire session has been created to ensure staff are trained properly and leave with a new understanding and readiness to deal with eye conditions day-to-day.

How long does a Visioncall staff training session last?

The Visioncall staff training session will last for approximately 45 - 60 minutes.

How many people can attend a Visioncall staff training session?

There is no maximum amount for who can attend a staff training session from Visioncall.

We would however recommend a minimum of five people for each session.

How much does a Visioncall staff training session cost?

Our staff training is free and does not come at any cost.

Visioncall partners will be able to arrange a session without any cost incurred.

How do I arrange a Visioncall staff training session?

To arrange a staff training session from Visioncall at a time that suits your staff simply click here or call our team on 0845 050 1831.

You can also email our team here to arrange your session today.

Visioncall partners can also arrange a training session online via VC24, our online service portal.

Access to VC24 is included for all Visioncall partners and gives complete control of their eye care service from Visioncall. To find out more about VC24 click here. 

If you are a Visioncall partner and wish to discuss all the free products and services available to you, please click HERE.