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How we make person-centred eye care a reality (Part 2)

Working with you for proactive care.

Learning more about an individual is vital in delivering person-centred eye care, but it’s how we apply that knowledge that really makes the difference.

To recap briefly, our Lifestyle Questionnaire uses a one-on-one engagement to learn more about an individual’s routine, hobbies and individual needs. You can view Part 1 here to find out more.

Using the information from the Lifestyle Questionnaire we’ll generate a succinct summary of the individual’s visual needs and requirements in the form of our Lifestyle Passport.

Our Lifestyle Passport provides care givers with an overview of the individual’s current level of vision without glasses and any difference with glasses.

This bespoke eye care planning document shows any eye conditions that the person may have and provides information about the condition overleaf.

The correct eyewear for the activities that an individual enjoys doing daily is also signposted, so familiarising yourself with their care plan allows you to enable them to see better and live better.

Visioncall offer this personalised tool to everyone we assist to ensure they benefit from appropriate eye care and correct eye care, as preservation of sight is the difference between a life of isolation and engaging with the world around us.

The Lifestyle Passport can be useful in guiding care givers and also future sight tests, which means that we all have a role to play in delivering and ensuring person-centred eye care.

By ensuring that this bespoke document is not a one-time use only, including it within care planning can help enhance the overall standard of care within the residence through appropriate and correct eye care increasing engagement and decreasing the risk of falls.

There isn’t any room for half-hearted commitment in person-centred eye care and the Lifestyle Passport is something we want you to use every day as part of your care planning for this reason.

So when you receive a Lifestyle Passport, simply insert it into that person’s care plan and we look forward to actively working with you for the foreseeable!

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