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Is your eye care provider up to date?


A modern approach to eyecare.

We are surrounded by modern solutions to everyday demands to the point where it is very easy to take them for granted.

Even the device you are reading this blog post on, most likely a desktop computer or a smartphone, it’s in existence to fulfil a demand to give quicker access to information and improve on its predecessor.

In this case it was the humble typewriter which was ousted to make way for a more modern approach in the workplace and at home.

Could you imagine going about your day-to-day business having to still use a typewriter to create a message on paper and post it to a friend?

Luckily for us this has become a thing of the past and is all down to meeting people’s expectations and the demand for this.

This thinking can be applied to every product and service we use, as time passes we iterate on what has come before to improve what is on offer.

Visioncall are no different, and we have developed a truly modern approach to dementia eye care to fulfil and exceed the expectations of our partners.

Like the computer to the typewriter, our complete service offering has changed with the times.

Our reason for doing so is simple – we want to make easier for our partners to use our services and to deliver the best care to our patients.

We have employed the latest techniques and equipment for our dementia sight test to make it the best experience for our patients.

Our team have all completed training to ensure we remain dementia friendly and employ appropriate communication techniques to help create a dialogue with our patients.

Innovations such as our Lifestyle Questionnaire and Passport, alongside our Eye Wear Reminder have been created to deliver a truly person centred service.

Of course we didn’t stop there…

We also developed a full staff training service for our partners to empower and educate on delivering the best eye care properly; to give a meaningful understanding to what it is like for residents living with an eye condition and dementia.

Visioncall also realised we could do more for residents in the care home, which is why we created our range of dementia signage for our partners, making navigation around the residence simple and understandable.

Tying all of our partnership benefits together is VC24, putting our partners in complete control of their eye care service and at the touch of a button.

Looking back from where we started over twenty years ago, we have certainly got with the times!

Our team are always striving to deliver a truly modern approach to eyecare, we can’t wait to see where it takes us moving forward.

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