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Making eye care more simple

Minimal fuss, maximum service...

In this busy modern world, time is becoming an increasingly precious commodity for many of us as we juggle the normal duties of the day.

Whether it comes from work, at home or even just for leisure, there will be demands on your time.

So we thought to ourselves… how can we make things even better for our partners AND save them time?

The solution was simple – offer a complete end-to-end eye care solution, from testing to delivery to contacting next of kin.

Why do we offer this? It’s because we appreciate just how busy our partners are and want to make life that bit easier when it comes to eye care.

We have made sure that our service is as easy as possible for all our partners to make sure they have minimal fuss in getting the best eye care service at home.

After all, who doesn’t like that peace of mind you get when dealing with experts?

A big part of our process where we have saved time for our partners is explaining each resident’s prescription and recommendation with the correct person.

Following a Sight Test our Optician will create and explain their recommendation at the end of their visit in your home either with the person tested or anyone responsible for their care.

For many of those we assist it can mean we will need to speak with the persons next of kin, so we decided we will save our partners the job and speak to them directly.

This means we can get the best eye care solution in place for those we assist quicker than before and save our partners some precious time in the process.

Speaking directly to someone’s next of kin it makes sure that anyone involved with making key decisions about how a person is being cared for is giving the correct information at all times.

In each recommendation we will detail who performed the examination, how you were tested and what glasses we recommend for each activity.

One thing we will never do is send you an invoice or bill for glasses without your permission to proceed with the recommendation… it is not an invoice!

We will post a copy of our recommendation to you, your next of kin or your power of attorney, after this it is simply a case of letting us know if you are happy to go ahead!

Working in partnership with Visioncall means you will always have expert assistance in looking after your residents and loved ones at all times.

So it means you can relax! For all your eye care needs, Visioncall have you covered.