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How we make person-centred eye care a reality (Part 1)

We care about caring.

Imagine a service which is completely personalised to your every need and requirement, completely focused around you and not generalised.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

This is exactly what we offer residents in the comfort of their own homes when it comes to eye care.

This is also known as person-centred care.

Person-centred care is when a person who requires “extra care” has their individual needs considered at length so that their care solutions are the most suitable and appropriate for them.

Without a person-centred approach the support is typically reactive and an individual would be offered a generic care provision such as lower light switches.

The “go-to” eye care provision is reading glasses, naturally, but while such standard care provisions may be useful to some, they don’t enable or make everyone independent.

So how do we make use of person-centred eye care?

Our Lifestyle Questionnaire helps us to provide a high level of personalised eye care to every individual that our opticians see.

If you’re unfamiliar with our Lifestyle Questionnaire, it’s a bespoke eye care planning document which focusses on the individual and their eye care requirements.

A one-on-one engagement between our optician and an individual lets us learn more about their routine, hobbies and assess any individual daily needs.

This ensures that any eye care recommendation is first and foremost appropriate, and necessary to help them see better and live better.

Simply put, our Lifestyle Questionnaire is essential to deliver person-centred care as it gathers relevant information which informs care.

Our Lifestyle Questionnaire is beneficial for both the people we assist and our team as the sight test we deliver is so much more engaging and focussed on the individual.

Ultimately, our person-centred eye care leaves an individual feeling enabled to see better and live better.

But, the Lifestyle Questionnaire is just the starting point for our person-centred eye care!

If you feel your loved one could benefit from an understanding and empathetic sight test, contact our team today to see how we can help.