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Unmistakably us…

It’s not just about looking the part.

Uniform is everything, whether clinical or professional.

It immediately defines who you are to someone and instils trust.

At Visioncall we pride ourselves on the dignity and respect with which we treat every person we assist.

So, when you see our uniform you know what to expect!

Whenever Visioncall visits you in your home you’ll instantly know it’s us – whether it’s our well-presented (or suited and booted!) optician or our dispensers in their Visioncall green uniform.

Our uniform not only identifies us, but it puts the individuals we help at ease.

It helps reassure that we are professional opticians (but simply without the clinical environment) and can be a comfort to individuals living with dementia who are likely to associate such professional dress with an optician.

As Visioncall provide a much-needed service to those who urgently require it, our team will always wear our uniform, so you can easily identify us, and you can rest assured that we always treat our patients and partners with the integrity they deserve.

The concept of a uniform and what it stands for is much older than you think!

Uniform existed in the middle ages in the form of a badge to indicate their job role and who they worked for, as well as a quality guarantee if a merchant belonged to a guild.

In the 18th century servants to the court began wearing a uniform known as liveries which depicted the colours and symbols identified with the family or country that the servants were serving.

We can trace the history of these court liveries through to modern day retail uniforms that are branded with a company logo.

However, court liveries were designed to be more useful than pretty and the modern-day health profession carries this concept by largely making use of plain but practical uniforms.

Today, professional uniforms continue to represent an organisation and similarly to a guild, a company’s brand (including a logo) can be its quality guarantee.

Our Visioncall team proudly wear a universally clinical outfit with our company colours which shows our customers and partners that we are professionals and it’s unmistakably us.

We strive to deliver an unrivalled and consistent level of quality throughout our service to you, from our sight tests and activity boards to our researched dementia friendly signage.

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