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We are the dementia eye care professionals

Tailoring our approach to best suit the requirements of the patient 

We believe that sight is a fundamental right everyone is entitled to, and Visioncall aim to help improve the vision of those in our society in most need of care.

This has been the driving force for our business since inception over twenty years ago, and it remains our mission to deliver our excellent eye care service directly to those living with dementia.

People with dementia have the same right to having better vision as everyone else, and to achieve this we have tailored our products and services to best suit their requirements.

In the UK alone there is an estimated 850,000 people living with dementia and 1 in 2 of those affected could be living with a visual impairment or sight-threatening condition, our aim is to simply make their everyday lives better.

Our sight helps us stay connected to the world around us and how we interact within it.

Having poor vision significantly imparts our ability to carry out the most basic of tasks and can also have personal, health and social consequences.

In fact, all too often dementia shoulders the blame for vision related troubles. 

Common symptoms such as struggling to read, recognising loved ones or even seeing their dinner on their plate can be attributed to being a symptom of dementia, but in many cases can be helped with the correct eye care.

A simple sight test can make all the difference for a person who has dementia. Good vision can have a significant impact on a person’s well-being and also help prevent falls.

We understand that this is a disease which can cause some to become confused and disorientated by the world around them, and not being able to see properly only intensifies this.

Visioncall believe in delivering dementia eye care that helps people see the world a little clearer, and let them get back to enjoying what they love the most in life.

We will always see the person and not the condition, offering the best care to suit each individuals specific needs and requirements.

Over the years we have researched and developed new products and services to help people with dementia and also care home staff looking after them.

The Visioncall eye care service is centred around three core foundations: delivering the best sight test, dementia signage and staff training.

We have packed our service full with useful additions to best achieve our goal.

Offering high quality frames and lenses which are hand delivered and fitted complete with personalised eye care reports and onsite repairs is just the beginning.

Our signage products have been created with communicative experts to make the home easy to understand and navigate.

We have worked to ensure our free staff training empowers care workers to deliver the best eye care day-to-day, from proper lens care to information on debilitating eye conditions.

These additional products and services are all about making the lives of our patients more comfortable, and it all starts with better sight.

Having improved vision can go a long way to enhancing every aspect of our lives, our aim is simply to help achieve this for those living with dementia, the same we expect for everyone else.

If you are caring for someone living with dementia or are a care provider, click here or get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements on 0845 050 1831