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Wearing the right glasses everyday
See the difference, literally.

If you need glasses, wearing the correct and most up-to-date pair can make a real difference to how you see the world.

As obvious as this statement is though, it isn’t always as easy as that.

For those who share a home with others, keeping track of your own glasses and not confusing them with someone else’s can be a real problem, whether one or two pairs.

This can be made increasingly difficult when coupled with living with some form of dementia or cognitive impairment as it can prove a challenge to remember what pair of glasses you should be wearing for specific tasks.

Or whether they’re even your glasses!

A symptom of dementia is misplacing items, including leaving these items in unusual places and people living with dementia are usually unable to retrace their steps to find their lost item.

Before you know it, misplacing an item becomes a minefield for someone living with dementia as the disease causes paranoia and so may be convinced that someone has stolen their property.

To help with this we engrave every pair of glasses with the wearers name, their purpose and when they were prescribed, meaning that the wearer and care giver can ensure the correct glasses are being worn at a glance.

It’s also easier to return lost glasses to their rightful owner if they’re lost within the home especially if more than one person has the same frame.

For similar reasons it can be challenging for people living with dementia when they have more than one pair of glasses, which is why we designed our Eyewear Reminder system.

Our Eyewear Reminder is a visual representation of someone’s visual needs.

It's most beneficial when displayed in a visible living space to guide care givers or loved ones to make sure that the individual is wearing the correct glasses for the task.

At a glance you’ll be able to identify which are their glasses and what they should be used for.

We don’t just give glasses, we want to make sure that they’re being worn every day and are used for tasks they’re needed for as this will make the difference between isolation and engagement with one’s world.

Working together we can make person-centred care a reality through additional tools to assist people to see better and live better when it really matters.

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