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World Sight Day: Why it's so important to look after your sight
Our vision matters, at all stages of life...

There is one fact for us which will always remain true – it is so important to look after our eyesight.

Why is this the case? We believe in enabling people to live a better life through better vision, and maintaining the best level of eye health is paramount to this.

Today is World Sight Day, one of the most important annual events to raise awareness on visual loss and impairments every year.

This year it focuses on a simple but powerful notion – to Make Vision Count.

To do this we, alongside other professionals, are all helping to spread the correct information worldwide to help tackle blindness in each country.

So there is no better time to stop and reflect on how we all look after our eyes and more importantly why we should!

Now we could spend the rest of this blog reiterating just how vital it is to pay attention to eye care issues, but the facts do a much better job at helping to make this point…

Across the globe four out of five (80%) of the world’s blind are avoidably so (IAFB), and in the UK there is an estimated two million people living with some form of sight loss (RNIB).

That is a lot of people who can be helped.

Many of the eye conditions which cause sight loss can be helped with early detection from a sight test.

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness for adults in the country, closely followed by glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.

In many of these cases a person’s vision could be improved by simply prescribing the correct glasses or cataract surgery.

Visioncall proudly assist thousands of elderly people across the country to give them the best standard of eye health and better vision.

Whether it is identifying an underlying sight or health condition, or prescribing the correct glasses for the person, a sight test can make all the difference.

This simple test goes a long way in taking proper care of our eyes and can have a profound effect on how a person sees the world and engages with what matters most to them every day.

It is so important to have your sight and eyes tested regularly to maintain the best level of eye health.

Doing so helps identify issues earlier and goes a long way to help prevent and assist with sight loss.

It is important to consider your loved ones and your own visual health.

Pay attention to the signs, whether it is slight blurring of vision or struggling to read small print on labels or newspapers, as soon as you experience any trouble with your sight then arrange to see your local optometrist.

If you currently are in charge of someone’s care and you suspect they have any vision problems then Visioncall can perform a sight test in the home within a comfortable, familiar environment.

To find out more about our sight test please click here or call us on 0800 035 6316

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