Have you or a loved one ever misplaced your glasses? Or confused one pair of glasses with another?

Or even worse, confused your glasses with someone else’s?!

Well the days of confusing glasses are over!

It’s frustrating when you sit down to watch your favourite TV show after a long day of being on your feet… and realise that you can’t see much without your glasses, which are upstairs!

Whether you wear reading or distance glasses, we have all been in a similar situation at least once.

Now imagine what it’s like for someone living with dementia in the same situation.

A symptom of dementia is misplacing items – and not only does the disease make people forget where they leave things, but it also causes them to leave these items in unusual places.

For this reason, those living with dementia are usually unable to retrace their steps to find a lost item.

A combination of other symptoms alongside misplacing items leads to a whirlwind of problems.

Disorientation and confusion stems from not being able to recognise objects or people and viewing familiar surroundings from a different angle.

Suddenly, misplacing an item is a minefield because dementia causes paranoia and so a person living with dementia may be convinced that someone has stolen their property.

Within a care setting, there may be dozens of individuals with similar glasses, so it understandable why people may confuse their glasses.

This is why we personally engrave every frame that we manufacture by hand at no additional cost.

We engrave the wearer’s name, whether the glasses are for reading or distance and the month and date of production.

Our personal touch is designed to ease confusion of who the glasses belong to, what their purpose is if an individual has two pairs of glasses and whether it is their most up-to-date prescription.

Currently, some competitors only engrave a frame with the wearer’s name, which simply identifies the owner of the glasses, but does not ease disorientation.

Unlike our competitors who engrave the outside of the temple tip, our engraving sits on the inside of a wide frame to ensure that the information does not fade over time.

As our method hides the engraved information, it ensures that the wearer is saved from embarrassment and maintains their dignity.

Our in-house lab ensures a consistently professional finish every time guarantee legibility so using the engraving a wearer will have the correct glasses to help them to see better and live better.