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As we grow older our vision naturally changes and we can benefit from signage leading the way.

It’s a part of life for many of us to experience any of the following as we age:

  • – The need for additional light
  • – Having a higher sensitivity to glare
  • – Reduced peripheral vision
  • – Reduced sensitivity to contrasts
  • – Difficulty adapting to changes in light level
  • – Reduction in depth perception
  • – Fading of colours

Lost in our surroundings

Each of these natural changes can make it difficult to make sense of the world around us.

However, it’s not just our eyes that age – our body and organs do too.

The chances of developing a form of dementia also increase with age and when coupled with any of the visual changes above, it can be difficult to engage with our surroundings.

In order for our brain to understand what our eyes see, it has to be able to interpret it.

Visual changes and dementia can make it challenging for the brain to successfully do this.

As a result, it can be a struggle for a person to simply make their way around their own home.

Leading the way by nature

As Visioncall are here to help those who need it most to see better and live better, we created our own range of directional signage.

Visioncall signage is available to view and buy whether you’re a Visioncall partner or not.

We do this to help as many people as possible safely navigate their home, with Visioncall signage leading the way.

Examples of Visioncall signage

A few examples of Visioncall signage

Leading the way by design

Visioncall signage has been developed alongside visual communication experts to be simple, clear and dementia-friendly.

The colours, font and exclusive iconography have been carefully selected for their universal understanding, to let people know where they’re going.

The key is contrast, an element you’ll likely notice at first glance.

Using high contrast colours allows each sign to deliberately draw attention and lead the way.

Examples of Visioncall signage

A few more examples of Visioncall signage

The design also allows for functional signposting across the home, meaning if a person requires the bathroom unaccompanied they’ll be able to see where it is with little obstruction or confusion.

Application of signage

We took a few extra steps in the design to include functionality, including easy application.

All of our signs are self-adhesive for easy installation, so there’ll be less hassle and worries over the placement and safety of the signage.

We also manufacture them using a non-reflective material to avoid light glare so they’re easily visible.

Crucially, Visioncall signage is waterproof which provides that extra peace of mind knowing they’re resilient to any mishaps or accidents.

Our range of signage is for the most common needs of the home, including signs for bedrooms, communal living areas, directional arrows, personal hygiene, medical areas and even staff locations.

But we understand that every home is different to meet their residents’ needs, so we offer bespoke signage options to meet a specific requirement that you may have.

Order from our wide range of signage today!

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