Person-centred Care

The care sector has recently seen a rise in the number of companies and authorities delivering ‘person-centred care’.

2/3 of UK healthcare resources support people with long term conditions, but up to 90% of them care for themselves or are in the care of their family.

Sadly this is often because they still have care needs to meet.

On the other hand, person-centred care uses a holistic approach to assess individual needs and provide appropriate care.

Simply put, the care is custom, coordinating and enabling.

Person-centred care offers a person more control over the delivery of their care.

What is person-centred care?

Person-centred care focusses on the individual needs of someone requiring “extra care”.

Care is evolving from the traditional one-size-fits-all approach of offering the same standard care provisions. For example a carer or lower light switches.

Person-centred care questions how practical and effective a solution is for a person and their daily routine.

While one solution may be useful to some people, it won’t enable or make everyone independent.

Does Visioncall use person-centred care?

Visioncall helps people to see better and live better using a person-centred care approach.

We offer bespoke eye care planning documents to highlight a person’s specific eye care requirements.

A one-on-one conversation between our optician and an individual allows us to personalise their Lifestyle Questionnaire and Lifestyle Passport.

Our Lifestyle Questionnaire lets us learn more about a person’s daily routine and hobbies.

As eye care goes beyond a sight test, this interaction is vital to inform a person’s daily eye care advice.

We generate a personalised Lifestyle Passport from the information we learn during the conversation. This summarises a person’s eye care needs at a glance.

Visioncall can help your residents

We work with our partners to raise awareness of eye care, eye conditions and how to make the most of our eye care planning tools.

Our bespoke eye care planning documents can help care staff adapt caregiving to fulfil a person’s eye care needs.

For example, making sure that someone is wearing the correct glasses for the tasks they need them for.

Together we can use person-centred care to help people to see better and live better.

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