It’s important to know what to expect during a sight test when we visit you.

Visioncall is a leading provider of home sight tests, making eye care accessible for those who can’t pop down to the high street unaccompanied.

What happens during a sight test?

The sight test that we carry out is the same as a sight test you’d receive from the high street.

Our optometrists will check your prescription and your eye health.

The only difference is we carry out a sight test in the comfort of your own home using mobile equipment.

However, our optometrists can use different techniques and equipment to ensure that everyone can have a sight test, regardless of communicative ability.

We offer a dementia-friendly sight test

Most people we help will undergo a subjective sight test (with a letter chart), but it can be a struggle for anyone who is unable to express their answer.

So, our optometrists can provide an objective sight test instead, which doesn’t require a verbal response.

Thanks to the specialist techniques of an objective sight test, we’re able to provide a quick and accurate prescription.

As a result, everyone is able to have the regular sight test that they need to help them to see better and live better.

That’s why Visioncall optometrists undergo training to ensure they can communicate with verbal and non-verbal people and deliver a suitable sight test to each individual.

Visioncall’s person-centred eye care service

That’s not all you can expect during a sight test with Visioncall!

Our bespoke eye care planning tools help a person and their loved ones to understand their eye care needs and recommendation.

Ultimately, we deliver person-centred eye care with the help of our care planning tools.

A truly person-centred eye care service

We use the Lifestyle Questionnaire during a sight test to learn more about a person.

In doing so, this helps to ensure that their eye care recommendation is appropriate and necessary.

We provide a bespoke eye care recommendation 

The Lifestyle Passport offers an overview of a person’s eye care needs and their vision with and without glasses.

Whether or not you require glasses, this concise summary is a tangible outcome of the sight test.

We also include information on any eye conditions that the person may have.

Wear the correct glasses

Our eye care planning tools make it easier to understand the benefit that a person will feel when they wear their glasses.

To help you keep track of multiple pairs of glasses, we engrave each frame we produce with the wearer’s name and their purpose.

We also supply an Eyewear Reminder to help you remember that an individual should wear their glasses.

The Eyewear Reminder is most effective when placed in a person’s living area.

Wearing the most current pair of glasses can help a person to avoid bumps and falls, ease feelings of isolation.

If you have any questions about our eye care service, please refer to our FAQs.

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