Regular Sight Test

Many of us know that a sight test identifies a change in prescription and indicates whether glasses could help someone to see better and live better.

Ultimately, a sight test is a significant health check for our eyes.

It can detect common eye health and general health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

An optician is better clinically equipped to provide an optics diagnosis and treatment than a GP is.

If needed, the optician might advise you to follow up with your GP to get things investigated further.

What is a regular sight test?

The term regular sight test means having your eyes tested yearly or every two years.

Your optician will recommend the frequency depending on your agefamily history of eye conditions and your current eye health.

Why is a regular sight test important?

A regular sight test is useful to identify and monitor minor or major symptoms of common eye conditions.

It’s essential to attend your regular sight test to help prevent potential eye health problems before a condition progresses.

Common eye conditions that an optometrist looks out for are age-related macular degenerationglaucomacataracts and diabetic retinopathy.

Your local optician monitors your current level of vision, any symptoms and eye health every time you visit to measure changes.

In doing so, it helps to identify any changes to your vision or eye health and the rate of change.

So, it’s possible to identify eye conditions before symptoms begin or become noticeable.

Early identification of some conditions can improve the success of treatment, especially before severe damage or sight loss occurs.

A regular sight test can ultimately help to maintain a person’s independence, reduce their risk of falls and generally benefit from better sight.

However, it’s just as important to practice daily eye care and wear your glasses if you need them!

Visioncall Daily Eye Care Guide

Visioncall Daily Eye Care Guide can help maintain your eye health between your regular sight test

How Visioncall can help you

When someone struggles to go to the high street for their regular sight test, we’ll come to you.

Visioncall is one of the UK’s leading home eye care providers in the care home sector.

Our person-centred eye care service can help those who are unable to visit the high street without assistance.

Visioncall’s expert optometrists use their soft skills to help deliver a suitable sight test for every individual.

Are you looking for an eye care planning solution for your home?

We provide a tangible outcome of each sight test in the form of a Lifestyle Passport and Eyewear Reminder.

Our partnership benefits are also available to help support care staff and residents to make eye care part of the daily routine.

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