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Falls prevention through eye care can benefit a person’s physical and psychological wellbeing.

As our vision naturally deteriorates as we age, decreased vision or sight loss can increase a person’s risk of falls.

Additionally, dementia can also lead to an increase in the risk of falls.

How can eye care help to prevent falls?

Falls prevention is possible through enhancing or maintaining vision with the help of eye care.

Eye care can help to maintain vision and help enable a person to navigate the world around them safely.

Better vision can help a person to see obstructions, steps or anything else that may increase their risk of falling.

How can I look after my eyes?

Visioncall Daily Eye Care Guide

Visioncall Daily Eye Care Guide highlights steps to help maintain or improve vision

An essential part of eye care includes having a regular sight test and receiving a correct prescription.

However, you can only feel the benefit of a correct prescription by wearing your most recent pair of glasses.

If you have two pairs of glasses for distance and near vision, it’s easy to get confused.

So, to identify the correct glasses, we engrave each pair of glasses that we produce.

Did you know that wearing glasses with an older prescription can increase a person’s risk of falls, rather than prevent falls?

How can a fall affect someone?

Falls can be dangerous or even life-threatening, which is why it’s crucial to reduce the risk of falls.

Moreover, a fall or the fear of falling can damage a person’s confidence, self-esteem and even their independence.

As a result, it can discourage the individual from being mobile or participating in the world around them.

Lack of engagement and movement can result in depression, isolation, bedsores and sore joints.

These situations are often avoidable through proactively using eye care to reduce a person’s risk of falls.

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