Find a care planning solution

Are you looking for an eye care planning solution for your home?

A care plan is an essential element within a care setting to help care providers deliver person-centred care.

That’s why Visioncall actively helps facilitate eye care in our partners’ care plans.

Visioncall’s Lifestyle Passport

We aim to deliver person-centred eye care and make eye care part of daily routine, which led us to create the Lifestyle Passport.

The Lifestyle Passport is a bespoke eye care recommendation which highlights a person’s eye care needs at a glance.

It helps care providers know whether a person requires glasses or not and which, if any, eye health conditions they have.

Making eye care part of the daily routine can help to maintain vision and independence, as well as prevent falls.

Better vision can be transformative!

The Lifestyle passport is also useful as sometimes it can be difficult to take in the results of your sight test, which is why we document the outcome of every sight test.

That’s why our Lifestyle Passport is the perfect addition to your care plans!

We take time to learn more about a person

We use our Lifestyle Questionnaire to learn more about a person, including their hobbies and daily routine.

This information then informs the Lifestyle Passport, which helps to make sure that their recommendation is appropriate and necessary.

The correct prescription and eye care advice can help a person to see better and live better.

If a person needs glasses but doesn’t wear them, it can cause feelings of isolation and depression.

So, when a person is able to engage with the world around them, they’ll be living a richer and happier life.

Do you have an eye care planning solution for your residents?

Visioncall’s Lifestyle Passport can demonstrate that your preferred eye care provider delivers a person-centred service.

Better yet, we can help make sure that your residents’ eye care recommendations are appropriate and necessary.

If our Lifestyle Passport can help enhance your care plans, contact your local Visioncall practice today!

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