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If you have a question about Visioncall, here are some of our frequently asked questions.

What does Visioncall do?

Visioncall is a UK-wide qualified mobile optician helping people to see better and live better.

We deliver person-centred eye care to those who are unable to attend the high street unaccompanied.

Our care partners are largely residential.

Am I eligible for a free NHS sight test?

You can check your entitlement for NHS optical services here.

Your eligibility for a free NHS sight test varies across England, Scotland and Wales.

How do you perform a sight test?

Visioncall’s home sight test is the same as a high street optician, except we test in the comfort of your own home.

During the sight test, we check your prescription and eye health using mobile equipment.

Our optometrists are able to offer a suitable test to everyone we help, regardless of communicative ability.

Visioncall makes use of subjective and objective testing methods to help make sure everyone receives an accurate and appropriate prescription.

You can find out more about what to expect during a Visioncall sight test here.

Can you test the eyes of someone living with dementia?

Visioncall’s optometrists undergo dementia sensitivity training to ensure we can communicate and engage with every person we help.

Being able to communicate appropriately helps to ease anxiety and enable them to have a sight test.

Is it important to test the sight of someone living with dementia?

As sight is a key sense, it’s vital for everyone to have a regular sight test, whether you’re living with dementia or otherwise.

Better sight helps us to interpret the world around us and safely navigate our surroundings.

This is especially important for someone living with dementia, who may experience disorientation as the condition damages the part of the brain the controls memory recall.

Can I choose my frames with Visioncall?

Visioncall offers a wide range of frames following your sight test.

You can view our range of frames here.

As we learn more about you with our eye care planning tools, our dispensers can also help you choose a frame during our visit.

If you currently have a pair of our glasses, you can identify your glasses and their purpose with Visioncall’s engraving or our Eyewear Reminder.

How will you deliver my glasses to me?

Visioncall will personally deliver your glasses to you.

We’ll make sure that your glasses feel comfortable on your face and make any adjustments before we leave your home.

How can I book a Visioncall sight test?

To request a sight test, please contact your local Visioncall practice.

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