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Visioncall love having the opportunity to keep families up-to-date on the vision of their loved one and their eye care needs.

This personal engagement also allows us to help families gain a better understanding of the importance of vision.

We also take this time to answer any questions you may have.

When will Visioncall contact me?

The most common reason for us to contact you is to approve an eye care recommendation that your loved one wishes to proceed with.

We may also contact you in advance of the sight test if we know you would like to be present.

The benefit of keeping families up-to-date

Visioncall welcomes family engagement as you’ll know your loved one better than anyone else.

Speaking with you directly allows us to go through everything with you – the eye care recommendation and our service – if you wish.

This helps us to connect the dots in ourĀ person-centred eye care service.

By understanding the importance of better vision, a person can actively help their loved one with daily eye care steps.

Good eye care includes wearing the correct glasses for the relevant tasks, which can help a person to see better and live better.

We also keep families up-to-date on vision and the eye care recommendation process as the decision about glasses is important.

This may be because your loved one has a preference over the style of frame, or there’s additional information to note.

We’ll also take the time to clarify and update information that our optometrist gathers on the day.

Why is Visioncall testing my loved one’s eyes?

When a care home selects Visioncall as their preferred eye care supplier, the home may notify you.

A regular sight test is essential to help a person to see better and live better, and check their eye health.

Here’s what you can expect with a Visioncall sight test.

You can of course, however, let the care home, or us, know if you wish for your loved one to see a different optician.

You can find details of your local Visioncall practice here.

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