think vision, remember glasses, vision is important

Here at Visioncall, we want to help others to ‘think vision’ in order to see better and live better with our Eyewear Reminder.

We were surprised to learn that more of us think about our teeth before our eyes!

Research also estimates that 1/4 of us either haven’t had a sight test in the last two years or ever at all.

Why is vision important?

Vision is important as it’s one of the five senses that we use to receive information from our surroundings.

Our brain then interprets these signals and tells our body how to react.

Simply put, vision helps us to engage with the world around us.

While some people may not need glasses, others may need glasses to enhance their vision and some people may be living with sight loss.

If we ‘think vision’ for ourselves and for others, it can help us to lead richer lives regardless of our situation.

So it’s important to attend your regular sight test and receive an up-to-date eye care recommendation.

What does ‘think vision’ mean?

‘Think vision’ means actively considering our vision during daily life.

From wearing glasses to having a sight test and eating a healthy diet, it’s as simple as that!

It means stopping for a moment and making sure glasses are in place before undertaking the task at hand can help us to see better and live better.

We should consider wearing our glasses like we would use a crutch or a sling if we had an injured limb.

Whether you need glasses for certain activities or all the time, wearing your glasses can help to ease orientation and engagement with the world around you.

Wearing the correct glasses for the relevant activities can also help to prevent the risk of falls.

For now, we’ll be focussing on how we can remember to wear glasses on a daily basis.

‘Think vision’ with Visioncall’s Eyewear Reminder

Our Eyewear Reminder is a simple solution reminding residents, care providers and family members to wear the correct pair of glasses every day.

We created it to help meet each person’s individual requirements because we know that within a care setting there are many people, all with varying personal needs.

It can be easy to forget to check whether someone’s wearing the correct pair of glasses when engaging in activities.

This is even more difficult when a person has more than one pair of glasses. It’s easy to get confused about what each pair is for.

That’s why placing the Eyewear Reminder in a visible living area can help to reinforce the eye care plan information.

How our Eyewear Reminder can help your home

Visioncall’s Eyewear Reminder is useful for delivering consistency if you have temporary or short term staff who don’t have time to familiarise themselves with the care plan.

It’s particularly helpful in reminding and updating a person’s family on their vision if they don’t look at their care plan.

In both cases, it helps to remind loved ones and care staff to check whether a person needs glasses to better engage with them.

Next time ask yourself “can this person see me? Do they need their glasses?”

We work to help make eye care as easy as possible for our care partners.

By reinforcing these behaviours with our Eyewear Reminder it becomes second nature to make sure that a person’s wearing the correct glasses for the relevant task.

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