eye care recommendation, personalised eye care

Everyone that we help will receive a tangible outcome of their sight test – a bespoke eye care recommendation.

As Visioncall is a person-centred eye care service, our recommendation will always be appropriate and necessary for each person.

However, did you know that the prescription is only one part of the eye care recommendation?

The other part is getting to know the person!

This helps us to make sure that your recommendation is appropriate and necessary. Only then can a person see better and live better.

We make sure eye care recommendations are appropriate and necessary

Person-centred eye care aims to help a person to better enjoy an activity or do something they couldn’t do due to poor vision.

An appropriate and necessary recommendation can help us to achieve this.

That’s why we take the time to engage with a person and learn more about their hobbies and routine.

For example, if someone struggles to see things up close but enjoys reading (or used to), then they can benefit from reading glasses.

A new prescription can transform a person’s enjoyment or level of participation with a task or hobby!

How does Visioncall learn more about a person?

Our Lifestyle Questionnaire is a useful care planning tool as it helps us to find out more about a person.

It’s a unique part of what we do and it sets us apart as it helps us to offer a person-centred recommendation.

Our empathetic optometrists use it to record the information they learn through their one-on-one engagement with each person.

This information helps care staff, loved ones and ourselves to understand what a person likes to do or wants to do again.

It also helps to reinforce the importance of wearing the correct glasses for the relevant tasks.

Why is an appropriate and necessary recommendation important?

An appropriate and necessary prescription helps to make sure that if a person needs glasses, they’ll enhance their vision.

Better vision can enable a person to maintain their independence, prevent falls and safely navigate the world around them.

Together, our job is to ‘think vision‘ to help others to see better and live better.

So, as a leading eye care provider to the care sector, we ensure that our service can help our care partners fulfil requirements.

Person-centred care is a must to maintain the care and treatment of service users.

The care of service providers must be appropriate, fulfil their needs and mirror their preferences.

Our Lifestyle Questionnaire helps to document the person-centred care journey that our eye care solution provides.

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