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‘See better, live better’ drives our person-centred eye care service and it’s the message that we always come back to.

Our company logo features ‘see better, live better’ within the strapline.

However, this concept is so much more than a simple strapline.

It’s a belief that underpins everything we work to achieve for the people we help.

What does ‘see better, live better’ mean?

In order to understand what we mean by ‘see better, live better’ we need to look at two parts – ‘see better’ and ‘live better’.

See better

Vision is a key sense that helps us to understand, engage with and safely navigate our surroundings.

However, poor vision can make it difficult to do these things.

The ageing of the eye naturally causes deterioration in our eyesight and increases or risk of developing an eye condition.

Such conditions include cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Poor vision can leave a person with feelings of isolation and depression, as well as an increase in their risk of falls.

So, by enhancing a person’s vision it can help to maintain their independence and help them live a richer life.

The burning question is, how can we improve a person’s vision?

It’s simple – by helping them to wear the correct and most up-to-date pair of glasses for relevant activities.

Undergoing a regular sight test helps to provide an accurate prescription for the glasses.

However, the benefit of better vision can only be felt when the glasses are worn.

Better vision can give a person the confidence and ability to engage with the world around them. It really is priceless!

For those of us without serious sight loss or glasses, it can be difficult to understand the significance of visual empowerment.

Being able to see things more clearly or sharply can be life-changing.

Ultimately, ‘see better’ goes beyond a new pair of glasses – it can help a person to ‘live better’.

Live better

The outcome of better vision is an enhanced quality of life.

Wearing the correct glasses can help to undo the damaging effects of poor vision, like the feelings of isolation.

So, what do we mean by ‘live better’?

Live better means being able to do the small activities that a person would like to do.

These tend to be the things that most of us take for granted: seeing the food on our plate or faces, reading a newspaper, watching TV, playing cards or enjoying the company of our loved ones.

In most cases, these are activities that a person previously often did, like most of us do, but now struggles to do due to poor vision.

Not having or wearing the correct glasses can be physically or mentally harmful to a person.

Glasses can help a person with poor vision, just as a person may use a walking stick or wheelchair if they struggle to walk.

They’re all useful tools designed to help each specific problem and they all help to achieve person-centred care.

Turning our belief of ‘see better, live better’ into a reality

Unfortunately, some people struggle to or are unable to express their concerns.

That’s why Visioncall optometrists are able to carry out an objective sight test which doesn’t require a subjective response (like a letter chart does).

Our optometrists undergo dementia-friendly training and use their soft skills to personalise the sight test for each person.

This helps to ease each person and ensure we can help them to undergo the necessary sight test.

However, we can only make our belief a reality by working closely with our care partners to make a positive difference.

We’re here to help your loved one or residents to see better and live better, find your local practice today.

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