Identify your glasses

If you have more than one pair of glasses, it’s common to struggle to identify your glasses at a glance – whether they’re for reading or distance.

Now, you might be thinking “who needs two pairs of glasses?”

Eye conditions and the natural ageing of the eye can cause us to need both distance and reading glasses.

Bifocal and varifocal glasses can be helpful, as they combine both types of glasses into one.

However, they’re not suitable for everyone because of the shifting focal points, personal preference, cognitive ability or level of vision.

In fact, wearing bifocals or varifocals in these circumstances can increase a person’s risk of falls.

That’s why some people may benefit from having a pair of distance and a pair of reading glasses.

The benefit of identifying your glasses

It’s important to identify your glasses to help you to see better and live better.

Once we know the purpose of a pair of glasses (whether they’re for distance or reading), we know which tasks they should be worn for.

This can help us achieve better vision, which helps to maintain independence and reduce feelings of isolation.

Wearing the correct glasses is an important part of caring for our eyes between our regular sight test.

Another benefit of identifying your glasses is to tell your glasses apart from other people’s glasses that are similar.

This is particularly important within a care setting if glasses are misplaced, as we all have our own prescription.

How to identify your glasses with Visioncall

We have gone to great lengths to make identifying your glasses easier.


We engrave the wearer’s name, the purpose of the glasses and the date of the sight test on the inside leg of the frame.

We do this to help the wearer, care staff and loved ones easily identify a person’s glasses at a glance.

The engraving is placed on the inside of the frame to help maintain a person’s dignity and privacy.

Visioncall engraving is simple, clean and has a professional finish.

Example of Visioncall Engraving

An example of Visioncall engraving

Eyewear Reminder

We provide an Eyewear Reminder with every pair of glasses we dispense.

This important reminder is one of our eye care planning tools.

It’s best placed in a visible living area as it helps prompt wearers and care staff to ‘think vision’.

Glasses cases

We dispense glasses in a distinct green or yellow case to help keep your distance and reading glasses separate.

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