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Visioncall’s eye care service offers more for your home and your residents.

Our partnership benefits help our care partners make eye care part of the daily routine.

Who is eligible for Visioncall’s partnership benefits?

Our partnership benefits are available exclusively to our care partners.

You can become one of our care partners by selecting Visioncall as your preferred eye care provider.

Visioncall are a leading eye care provider to the care home sector

Our person-centred eye care service includes home sight tests and eye health checks from our expert optometrists.

Their soft skills and sensitivity training enables them to engage with and help ease communicative and non-communicative individuals.

Visioncall optometrists are also able to deliver an objective sight test which is suitable for people living with dementia.

Finally, we provide an effective eye care planning solution that can help you facilitate eye care in your care plans.

What are our partnership benefits?

Visioncall’s partnership benefits include access to our online eye care portal VC24, our exclusive range of dementia-friendly signage and staff training.

Each benefit has been carefully selected to help facilitate eye care every day in the home, outside of a sight test.

Eye care that offers you more

Our partnership benefits are available to our care partners for free.

We’ve listened to our care partners and their residents, and we want to add even more value to our service.

For instance, Visioncall signage helps lead the way for people around the home.

Together, daily eye care and signage can result in better vision for a person and help them to see better and live better.

As a result, it can help to reduce the risk of falls, improve orientation and increase a person’s confidence and independence.

Signage is an excellent example of how we always seek to improve and offer our partners an unrivalled service.

Talk to our team to find out more about our partnership benefits today on 0800 035 3271!

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