Clear And Consistent Signage

When you have a free moment, ask yourself, is your home’s signage clear and consistent?

Next time you’re in the home, have a look to see whether there’s any directional signage.

If there is, is it clear to understand, does it use proper adhesive and is it wipe-clear like ours?

If you not, you can browse our range of Visioncall signage online!

Why is clear and consistent signage important?

Clear and consistent wayfinding signage is essential so that it can be universally understood.

When we think about signage in the home, it’s primarily useful to residents, but also visitors (family members) and temporary care staff.

Have you ever entered a room and instantly forgotten what you’re looking for or why you’re there?

Or have you ever been to a large train station or an airport and had to follow signs while feeling on edge?

Well, imagine feeling like that daily inside your own home.

Whether or not someone remembers the layout of a place, not knowing where you’re going or remember what you’re looking for is uncomfortable and disorientating.

Visioncall’s signage can help your residents feel at home within their home.

Visioncall signage

To develop our signage, we worked with visual communication experts.

Visioncall signage is clear, consistent, simple and also dementia-friendly, which the colours, typography and iconography help to achieve.

Clear and simple signage

The colours, typography and iconography were carefully chosen so that they are understandable to everyone.

Colour contrast is a vital element of our signage as it helps to grab a person’s attention.

The font is not fancy, or too big or too small.

The iconography is not complicated, and after extensive research, we specifically selected each icon.

So when we consider the three elements, together they create a clear message that each sign conveys.

Finally, Visioncall signage is straight to the point and clutter-free to help minimise distractions and confusion.

Consistent signage

The chosen font and colours are uniform across all of our signage.

Consistency helps to reinforce the correct wayfinding solution.

For instance, think about signs on the motorway.

They’re all the same shade of blue with the same white text which is always the same font.

As a result, we know that these directional signs will help us navigate motorways across the country so we can get from A to B.

Dementia-friendly signage

Visioncall is proud to offer a wide range of dementia-friendly signage.

The colours, typography and iconography we use have been researched and specifically selected keeping people living with dementia in mind.

As a result, we’re able to offer clear and consistent dementia-friendly signage to our care partners.

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