Caring For Your Eyes, Eye Care

This National Eye Health Week, Visioncall want to make it as easy as possible to help you care for your eyes.

Actively looking after our eyes can help us to see better and live better for longer.

So, we’ve put all of our resources in one place… here!

Eye health and common eye conditions

Age, lifestyle and family history can affect your eye health.

Poor eye health can increase your risk of developing a common eye condition.

Such conditions include age-related macular degenerationcataractsglaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Usually, the symptoms of eye conditions are difficult to notice until sight loss occurs.

If you or your loved one are living with sight loss, RNIB‘s sight loss support service may be helpful.

That’s why it’s important to have a sight test to identify underlying eye conditions as early as possible.

The benefits of a sight test

sight test is an essential health check that monitors your eyesight and eye health.

It provides you with an up-to-date eye care recommendation that can help you care for your eyes.

Your prescription may or may not change, and you may need glasses for the first time or to update your existing pair.

Glasses can help you achieve better vision and enable you to see the world around you more clearly.

We should think of glasses as a tool to help our body, similar to how someone might use a crutch to help them walk.

It’s important to have a regular sight test to help address any eye health issues before a condition progresses.

Are you unsure how often you should have a sight test? You can find out more information here.

Maintain your eye health with daily eye care

Our daily eye care guide can help you look after your eyes between visits to the optician.

These tips and tricks can help you know which lifestyle changes can help improve your eye health.

Part of good eye care is wearing the correct glasses for relevant tasks so a person can see better.

Enhanced vision can help improve a person’s confidence, maintain independence and reduce their risk of falls.

From eating well to protecting your eyes against UV light, find out how else our eye care guide can help you care for your eyes today!

You can also find some delicious and healthy recipes from National Eye Health Week here.

Visioncall’s service can help care for your eyes

Visioncall provides a person-centred eye care service to those who are unable to visit the high street unaccompanied.

We carry out a sight test in the comfort of a person’s home and we make sure that their eye care fulfils their individual needs.

Visioncall’s empathetic optometrists have a speciality in delivering an alternative sight test for people living with dementia.

Our optometrists use their soft skills to help ease any anxiety and enable the person to undergo a sight test.

Following the sight test, we provide bespoke eye care planning tools for each person we see.

We also have a range of partnership benefits for our care home partners, including dementia-friendly signage.

Our exclusive range of Visioncall signage can help ease orientation for people living with sight loss or cognitive impairment.

To find out more information about how Visioncall can help care for your residents’ eyes, visit our FAQs or contact your local practice today!

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