How Often Should I Have My Eyes Tested, Eye Test

It’s essential to have a sight test – but it’s also vital to know how often you should have a sight test.

Did you know that while sight is the sense that most of us would least like to lose, we visit the dentist more than the optician?

How often should I have a sight test?

You should have a sight test every two years, as advised by your optician.

This is also known as having a regular sight test.

However, depending on your eye health risk factors, your optician may recommend having a sight test more frequently than every two years.

Your risk factors include:

⚫️ Age – as our eyesight and eye health naturally deteriorate with age, we become more likely to develop an eye condition.

⚫️ Family history – as your background may increase your risk of developing certain eye conditions or hereditary eye condition.

⚫️ Lifestyle – as your eye health can be affected by your diet and smoking or drinking amongst a few other things.

As a result, if you’re over 65, your optician should advise that you have a yearly sight test.

A regular sight test is beneficial to help diagnose an eye health condition as early as possible.

Such eye conditions may include cataractsglaucomaage-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

You can help to look after your eyes between visits to the optician with Visioncall’s daily eye care guide.

What should I do if I notice a change in my eyesight?

If you experience new symptoms or notice a change in your vision, you should visit your local optician.

For instance, visual disturbances, eye strain, squinting and dry eyes are common visual changes which may require a new prescription.

Your eyesight can change regardless of whether or not you currently wear glasses.

However, if you experience redness or pain in your eye you should make an urgent appointment with your optician.

Where can I get my eyes tested?

If you’re able to visit the high street optician, you should book a sight test with your local optician.

However, remember to attend your appointment!

You can search for your local optician here if you live in England, or here if you live in Scotland.

Am I eligible for a free NHS sight test?

You can check if you’re eligible for a free NHS sight test here across England, Scotland and Wales.

To find out if you’re eligible for an NHS free sight test in England, click here.

To find out if you’re eligible for an NHS free sight test in Wales, click here.

In Scotland, everyone is eligible for a free NHS sight test.

You can also check your eligibility for a free NHS mobile sight test across the UK here.

Visioncall’s eye care service

Visioncall specialises in delivering mobile sight tests, especially within the care home sector.

Our person-centred eye care service can help those who need it most to see better and live better.

A sight test and eye care can help to maintain a person’s independence and also reduce their risk of falls.

So, if your loved one could benefit from a home sight test, contact your local Visioncall practice today!

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