Visioncall putting vision first

This World Sight Day, we’re going to look at why we should put vision first and how we drive awareness all year round.

Sight is one of the key senses that enables us to engage with and understand the world around us.

Naturally, sight is the sense that the majority of us most fear losing, and yet we’re unlikely to do something about it.

We prioritise visiting the dentist over the optician – but we should visit the relevant health professional as and when needed.

So, if you’re due for a sight test, book an appointment with your optician now!

What’s World Sight Day?

The purpose of World Sight Day is to raise awareness of sight loss and blindness.

Unfortunately, eye care and eye health is an area of health that we often forget.

So, general awareness to improve sight is a positive thing, and that’s why this is a great cause to advocate.

Visioncall is proud to be part of the ongoing eye care conversation.

Visioncall participates in the Vision First conversation throughout the year

We actively take part in raising awareness of eye health and eyesight throughout the entire year.

We do this because we understand the value of better sight and that when a person can see better, they can live better.

On our blog, we constantly explore how to put vision first and care for your eyes– including how Visioncall can care for the eyes of those who can’t do it themselves.

Visioncall Daily Eye Care Guide

Visioncall’s eye care guide can help improve your eye health between visits to the optician!

Most importantly, our ongoing efforts are not exclusive to the people we deliver a sight test to.

We’re passionate about spreading the Vision First message to everyone!

We also recently took part in National Eye Health Week with a digital campaign, sharing tips and tricks to improve eye health.

The most essential and reoccurring advice throughout the year is to have a regular sight test.

Do you know how often you should have your eyes tested?


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