Needing Glasses Shouldn't Be Scary

Halloween is a time for scares and screams, but one thing you shouldn’t have is a fear of needing glasses!

You’re not alone

People can have a fear of needing glasses for many different reasons.

These reasons can range from feeling that glasses may ruin appearance or believing that our glasses may worsen eyesight (which isn’t true).

Whatever your reason is for being afraid of needing or having to wear glasses, you’re not alone!

However, researching and reassurance from speaking with your optician may help ease your fear.

After all, your optician is a trained professional, unlike the go-to Wikipedia page, which anyone can edit!

Needing glasses isn’t as scary as it seems

As a society, we can be guilty of assuming that so-and-so needs glasses because they must sit too close to the TV or they don’t eat their carrots.

Although it’s most likely that so-and-so will sit a healthy distance from the TV and eat more carrots than Rudolph!


Why You Should Wear Your Glasses

Wearing your glasses if you need them can help enrich your life

Needing glasses shouldn’t be as worrying as we make out as they’re a natural part of life!

Wearing glasses can help to sharpen vision, allow things to be seen close-up or in the distance and help prevent eye fatigue when staring at screens.

Additionally, eye conditions like cataracts and untreated glaucoma can cause some form of sight loss.

It’s common to need glasses as we grow older due to the natural ageing of the eye.

While wearing glasses can’t restore vision, they can help to enhance your vision.

As a result, a person may maintain their independence, have fewer falls and bumps and reduce feelings of isolation.

Ultimately, better vision (a weak or strong prescription) enables a person to see better and live better.


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