Eye Safety Tips For Fireworks, Enjoy Bonfire Night Safely

We’re sharing some general and eye safety tips for safely enjoying fireworks this Bonfire Night!

Following eye safety advice and the Fireworks Code are essential when you’re around fireworks, whether you’re responsible for lighting them or merely watching.

The Fireworks Code contains some safety measures that you should observe to protect yourself and others.

However, the Fireworks Code doesn’t cover eye safety, which is why we’re covering these areas separately.

How to protect your eyes around fireworks

Did you know that fireworks cause over 300 eye injuries every year? As a result, 10 of these people lose their eyesight.

So make sure you follow these steps to help protect your eyes this Bonfire Night!

If you’re responsible for lighting fireworks

 It’s essential to always wear safety goggles when handling and lighting fireworks to prevent debris from entering your eyes.

 After lighting a firework, move to a safe distance and ensure the firework has exploded before approaching again.

 Have a bucket of water nearby which should be thrown on fireworks that haven’t exploded.

If you’re watching fireworks at a public display

 It’s critical to stay behind the barriers at a public display to prevent debris from entering your eyes and ensure your general safety.

 After the display, if you find an unexploded firework, stay at a safe distance from it and contact the fire department or police immediately.

If you have a fireworks display at home

 You should watch the fireworks from a safe distance while a responsible adult lights the fireworks to protect your eyes from debris.

 Do not approach or touch unexploded fireworks.

Enjoy fireworks safely this bonfire night

The Fireworks Code provides tips to help keep you safe while you enjoy fireworks.

To help ensure the safety of you and others, we’re going to outline a few of these safety measures.

Firstly, you should only buy fireworks that contain the BS 7114 mark on the box, indicating that they adhere to British standards.

When lighting the fireworks, you should read the instructions carefully and use a taper to light the fireworks at arms length.

Whether or not your pet feels uneasy because of fireworks, you should keep them inside to make sure fireworks don’t accidentally hurt them.

Sparkler safety

If you’re enjoying sparklers, make sure you wear gloves because they’re extremely hot.

Most importantly, do not give sparklers to children under 5 as they’re not toys – sparklers can reach over 1,500 degrees.

While firework safety seems like a chore, they help to protect others just as much as they protect you.

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