Risk Of Falls In Winter Conditions

At this time of year, your risk of falls in winter conditions can increase as a result of the ice, shorter days and darker nights.

Make sure you take care when you’re out and about, and prepare well for going out.

Risk of falls in winter conditions

We naturally have a risk of falls in different situations, from steep steps and something to not wearing our glasses.

However, with varying winter conditions, our risk of falls may increase.

So, we must take steps to prepare and protect ourselves as much as possible to minimise any physical and psychological harm.

While eye care can help us to see the world around us more clearly, there are a few other steps we should take to prepare ourselves for the winter conditions!

How to prepare yourself for going out

When you go out, you should wear warm layers (especially a winter coat!), appropriate shoes and the correct glasses if you need them.

⚫️ Wrap up warm to help maintain your core body temperature.

⚫️ If you need glasses, it’s vital to always wear your most up-to-date pair of glasses.

⚫️ If you have a car or are a passenger, make sure you have a winter kit with an ice scraper, a blanket, food and drink.

Being prepared for the unpredictable nature of winter is essential!

Wearing warm layers and having the essentials with you is beneficial in the eventuality of traffic, car breakdown and delay of public transport etc.

Remember, you can’t see black ice and it’s dangerous!

Risk of falls at home

With darker days and nights, poor lighting in our home can increase our risk of falls indoors.

Dim lighting can make it more difficult to see objects which can then become a trip hazard.

So, better lighting, wearing your correct glasses and practising daily eye care can help reduce your risk of falls.

Take extra care even when you’re doing everyday chores like putting the bins out or carrying your shopping inside.

It’s crucial to protect yourself against your risk of falls in winter conditions both indoors and outdoors.

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