When Did You Last Have Your Eyes Tested?

Take a moment to ask yourself, when did you last have your eyes tested?

Your answer may surprise you!

When did you last have your eyes tested?

If you’re unsure of when you last had your eyes tested, you should ring your optician to find out when your next sight test is due.

If your answer is ‘over two years ago’, then you should also ring your optician to book a sight test.

Moreover, if your answer is ‘never’, then you should definitely book a sight test with your local optician!

There’s nothing to be nervous about – it’s better late than never!

What is a sight test?

A sight test is an essential check-up for your eyes.

By having a regular sight test, your optician will be able to monitor and identify any changes to your eyesight and eye health.

It’s important to have a sight test even if your eyes seem fine.

Most importantly, the more you tell the optician, the better their advice and the more accurate your prescription will be.

How often should I have a sight test?

You should have a sight test every two years unless your optician recommends otherwise.

Factors such as your age, ethnicity and family history of eye health will affect how often you have your eyes tested.

Will a sight test hurt?

Having a sight test doesn’t physically hurt.

It’s common to feel visual discomfort as you readjust to light after the sight test is complete.

Book a sight test with your optician today!

You may put off visiting your optician for a number of reasons, such as your eyes seem fine or they don’t hurt, your glasses do the job or you have too much on.

While naturally, we don’t want to hear that something’s wrong, a sight test helps to diagnose eye conditions early.

The earlier an eye condition is caught, the sooner treatment can begin!

However, this is only possible if you have a regular sight test.

If you have any concerns about your eye health or pain between your sight tests, you should speak to your optician.

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