Expectations Vs Reality Of Eye Care

With our daily eye care guide helping you to care for your eyes, we’re turning our attention to the expectations vs reality of eye care.

I won’t develop an eye condition


As I practice eye care daily, I won’t develop an eye condition.

In fact, I’m immune to glaucomacataractsmacular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy!


Practising daily eye care doesn’t guarantee that you won’t develop an eye condition.

While these steps may help to prevent eye conditions or delay their progression, it’s not an exact science.

It’s the same with exercise and eating well – neither guarantee that you won’t develop a health condition like diabetes.

Practising eye care means I have perfect eye health


After taking time to care for my eyes proactively, they’re now in perfect health.


Can we ever really achieve ‘perfect’ eye health?

Your eye health can improve as a result of daily eye care, but there are other factors at play.

For instance, your agefamily history and ethnic background can increase your chance of developing an eye condition.

Yet you may have good eye health!

Practising eye care for one month is plenty


After following eye care steps for a month, I can stop practising eye care, and my eye health will maintain itself.

Eye care is a one-time, short-term solution when your eye health or eyesight is poor.


Although it seems like caring for your eyes is a quick and easy fix, in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

Proactive eye care is a labour of love for your long-term benefit.

Following the steps when I remember is enough


I follow the eye care steps now and then when I remember, and my eyes are in the best of health.

I also pick and choose which steps to follow because I don’t have time for all of them.


It’s essential to care for your eyes every day and to stick to the advice.

Although on-and-off eye care is long-term, it’s more beneficial when it’s consistently practised.

Ultimately, you can help to maintain your eyesight by improving your eye health.

Our eye care tips can help you to see better and live better for longer.

You’re now more prepared to care for your eyes after learning about the expectations vs reality of eye care!

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