Covid-19 Eye Care Update

We believe in a caring society; it’s one of our core values and has never been more important to us than during these challenging times.

Following government and professional recommendations, we can provide home visits for essential and emergency eye care only in some regions across the UK.

Protecting our patients, some of whom are the most vulnerable adults in society, is our priority.

We have implemented a strict Infection Control and Prevention Policy to ensure patient safety. 

Our clinical teams have undertaken training on our policy and are now equipped with full PPE to visit your home. 

We believe this is the right decision to protect our patients.

If you believe a resident is in need of essential or emergency eye care and would like to arrange a visit to your home, please contact our team today.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents an ever-changing landscape, and we will continue to update our services based on the latest government advice.

Where home visits are not permitted, our clinical teams will always be available through our telephone triage service, offering emergency visits if appropriate.

We will also continue to provide you and your residents with a repair and replacement service throughout this period.

Maintaining and preserving sight is still vital during this time, and we want to assure our care home partners that we are here for you throughout this period to provide critical and essential eye care services.

If you require assistance, please continue to contact our customer service teams for help and advice through VC24, telephone and email.

Thank you again for your valued partnership and understanding.

You can continue to rely on our critical eye care services to help your residents see better and live better throughout this challenging time.


Regional information

NHS Scotland

All routine domiciliary visits ceased on 13th March 2020. Essential and emergency domiciliary visits ceased on 2nd April 2020.

Telephone consultations are available. If following a telephone consultation, our optometrist determines that the patient has an emergency eye problem then they will contact the local Emergency Eyecare Treatment Centre on your behalf.

NHS Wales

All routine domiciliary visits were suspended on 17th March 2020.

Currently, urgent eye care is not accessible in a domiciliary setting through Eye Health Examination Wales (EHEW).

Should you feel an urgent domiciliary assessment is needed, please contact us and we will pass on your concerns to the relevant organisation.

NHS England

All routine domiciliary visits were suspended on 1st April 2020.

However, domiciliary services are still operating for any essential needs.

Please call us, an experienced optometrist will triage your concerns and arrange a visit only if they cannot manage your concerns remotely.