Maintaining Vision

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When we say that our mission is to help others to see better and live better, we really mean it, so we have developed a range of tools to help make this a reality at home every day.

Visioncall have created an innovative eye care planning system to assist care staff and family members to better understand the visual needs and capabilities of the individual.

For individuals living in care, they are required to have a care plan to detail everything care providers need to know about the individual.

Visioncall will provide you with all the information you need to know about the individual’s eye care needs through our care planning tools outlined in the section below.

When used as part of an individual’s daily care, our care planning tools can make a real difference to their lives helping them to see better and live better.

Our clinical teams are here to help you make real change happen in the home when it comes to eye care.

For advice and information on how to get the most from our care planning tools, please contact your local practice. You can find details on your local Visioncall practice here.

Scroll down to discover more about our care planning tools and how Visioncall can help maintain better vision at home today.

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Lifestyle questionnaire

In order to provide an appropriate eye care recommendation our opticians use our Lifestyle Questionnaire to find out more about each person before delivering a sight test.

We find out more about each person before delivering a sight test in order to provide an appropriate eye care recommendation. Our opticians use our Lifestyle Questionnaire to achieve this.

Our Lifestyle Questionnaire is a simple one-on-one conversation between the optician and resident to help us learn a little more about what they like to do every day and their daily needs.

Following the sight test we’ll then use this information to generate a Lifestyle Passport to provide access to a person’s correct eyewear requirements.

Lifestyle passport

Our Lifestyle Passport is a bespoke and easy-to-understand document which provides a handy summary of a person’s eyewear requirements as well as how well they can see and without their new glasses.

The Lifestyle Passport has been designed to highlight the importance of vision in an individual’s care plan.

By simply referring to the Lifestyle Passport, care staff can adapt accordingly to help the individual to see better and live better.

Eyewear reminder

Each person we assist will receive a personalised Eyewear Reminder which can be clearly displayed within the residence as a handy daily reminder of their eyewear, like the Lifestyle Passport.

The Eyewear Reminder displays the correct eyewear and the tasks that the specific eyewear is required for.

Placing the Eyewear Reminder within a person’s living area can ensure the person is wearing the correct eyewear every day.


To help identify glasses easily we engrave every pair of our glasses with the wearer’s name, their purpose (distance or reading) and the month and date of production.

We want to ease confusion of who a pair of glasses belong to, what their purpose is if more than one pair is owned and whether the most up-to-date prescription is being worn.

Our engraving is placed on the inside leg of the frame to ensure that the wearer isn’t embarrassed and maintains their dignity.