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360° Service Blog

At Visioncall, we’re proud to offer a ‘360°’ service that ensures end-to-end care and quality assurance for every single one of our care home partners, clients and patients. 

It’s something that sets us apart from our competitors. We’re proud to bring that extra level of quality, care and personalised service every time we interact with our clients.

But what does a ‘360° service’ mean? We’ve highlighted a few key points below:

Our in-house lab

Our in-house Visioncall Lab is a point of difference that we’re very proud of! 

In a nutshell, our Lab facility means that we can make every pair of glasses prescribed for Visioncall patients. 

We have the framework that means every pair is tested and checked by someone who is part of team Visioncall. The same dedicated team who will visit and test the resident in their home. 

The Visioncall Lab also enables us to offer fast, fuss-free and fine-tuned repairs for our patients, but more on that in a moment…

Repairs and replacements

Our dedicated Repairs & Replacements team will personally inspect all repairs or replacements, whether it’s one or multiple pairs of glasses. 

As part of our service, we include any emergency repairs or adjustments required for your residents, and we’ll carry these out on-site.

Unlike competitors, Visioncall has an in-house lab, where all other repairs are conducted by our specialist Repairs & Replacements team for end-to-end quality assurance. 

Having round-the-clock access to the Visioncall Lab means that we can ensure high quality and speedy response for you and your residents every time you call on us.

Patient eyewear advisors

Our Patient Eyewear Advisors will provide detailed eye care recommendations for residents following a Visioncall sight test. 

They’ll include helpful background information, such as who performed the sight test and what equipment was used, and detailed insights into the glasses that have been recommended to allow you to make an order with ease.

The Patient Eyewear Advisors can also liaise directly with residents’ next of kin, where required, to outline to them the recommendations and help them to feel engaged and up to date with the care their loved one is receiving, and so that they can have some input into the style or type of glasses chosen for a patient.

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