Eye Care Triage

Eye Care Triage

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Here To Help With Your Immediate Eye Care Concerns

Welcome to Visioncall’s Eye Care Triage page.

Here you will find helpful assistance and guidance to support any immediate/emergency eye health problems. Generally, if you do have any pressing concerns regarding your own eye health or for an individual in your care, you should always seek consultation with an Optometrist as soon as possible.

In some instances, you may need to seek emergency assistance from your local hospital eye service if you have any of the symptoms outlined in the red section below.

Emergency Eye Care Symptoms

Please attend your local hospital eye service or arrange to be taken through via A&E if you or someone in your care is experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Eye pain (symptoms of uncomfortable or sticky eyes – seek attention from GP)
  • Sensitivity to bright lights
  • Recent trauma
  • Haloes around lights
  • Floaters and/or flashing lights
  • Double vision
  • Red eye
  • Sudden change in vision (including distorted and/or patchy vision)
Find your local NHS eye casualty service

Triage Questionnaire

Answer each question by selecting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ options below for instant guidance with your eye health concerns.

If you do have an emergency condition, please see the section in red above for further assistance.

Are you experiencing any of the emergency eye care symptoms?
(Please see the section in red above)


Please visit A&E for immediate assistance

For more information on your nearest NHS eye casualty service please click here

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      Additional Information

      Headaches – Essential Information

      For more information and advice on headaches, please click here to visit the NHS website.

      CALL 111

      If your jaw hurts when eating

      Experiencing blurred or double vision

      Your scalp feels sore

      CALL 999

      If you have injured your head badly – for example, from a fall or accident

      The headache came on suddenly and is extremely painful.

      If you have an extremely painful headache and:

      Sudden problems speaking or remembering things

      Loss of vision

      You’re feeling drowsy or confused

      Have a very high temperature, feel hot and shivery, and have a stiff neck or a rash

      The white part of your eye is red.

      Vishal Khurana - Clinical Director, Visioncall

      “Visioncall is committed to providing person-centered eye care for each and every individual we visit”

      Vishal Khurana – Clinical Director, Visioncall